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Need a Short Sale ? We use conventional Fannie/Freddie forms. We have access to RPR - REALTOR PROPERTY RESOURCE and MLS Complete the form below, hit "SUBMIT" and the appropriate Short Sale Coordinator will promptly contact you.


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What's a Short sale?
Home owners, lenders and other lien holders use BPO’s in the decision making process as well as on-going BPO’s to determine the marketing strategy of a property that is in default. The BPO along with the appraisal results will help set the recommended list price. Stake holders in this process require in some cases 3- 5 unbiased opinions.

The proper price should be fair market value. Fair market value is the price a buyer will pay and a seller will accept for a property under reasonable and ordinary conditions. We use local MLS and RPR as well as county auditor data to reach the conclusion of value.