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Our business is client-oriented, and we maintain strict confidentiality.

Our REO and BPO business was established in 1997, providing BPO'S and AVM ( Alternative Value Model) to large national corporations. We have trained thousands of Ohio real estate agents and brokers to do the same. After certification as BPO specialists, they are able to provide clients with high- quality reports that assist in the decision making process with regard to loan modification, refinancing, short sales, loss mitigation and deed in lieu of foreclosures.
We review each BPO to be certain all data required to assist in making a timely and economical decision is included, relevant and accurate.

Certified BPOS and AVR Reports
Servicing corporate requests to provide BPO's
Criteria for search parameters
Industry acceptable adjustments for valuation
Preparing and submitting BPO forms
Monitoring completed reports for errors

BPO - AVR Audits

Upon request we review prior BPO reports for correctness, incorrect information and value trends. BPO audits insure quality assurance
Property Preservation The subject property requiring a BPO or AVR may have been abandoned and unattended. Should the property need to be secured, re-keyed, lockbox installed, boarded up, winterized or require basic lawn maintenance, our vendors can provide the necessary service.
Loss Mitigation BPO -AVR Ohio BPOS and More can assist with value determination with our quick return times and accurate information to reduce loss and flag suspicious or fraudulent practices.
E & O for the BPO provider As a member under OHIO BPOS AND MORE agents are covered under our policy for BPOS
Short Sale BPO - AVM In a world where "time is money" we can reduce the time it takes to make a decision by providing accurate BPO or AVR reports, lien searches and Notary services. We will also address any additional concerns for information in order to reduce loss and flag suspicious or fraudulent practices.

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Property Maintenance

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